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The Young Road User (YRU) programme has been developed for young people (16 to 19 year olds) travelling in London to support the promotion of travel choices and contribute towards the reduction of road casualties among young car drivers and their passengers.

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The programme focusses on five modules, each supporting safer travel with particular focus on travel choices available to young adult road users in the Capital.

Each module has been developed to allow educators to deliver the content within tutor time in a classroom setting or students can work independently.

There is guidance and information on how Borough Officers can deliver and raise awareness of YRU within FE/HE settings with tools to help promote and raise awareness of the programme.

Parents/carers are role models for young adults.  We have provided some facts and advice on how they can support the reinforcement of the messages within this programme.

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New Found

01 Presentation 01 Lesson Plan

Explores the opportunities and challenges presented by new situations.


02 Presentation 02 Lesson Plan

Explores the benefits of different forms of travel, focussing on sustainable and active travel.


03 Presentation 03 Lesson Plan

Analyses the pressures on young people to take risks and explores strategies to manage peer influence.

Passenger Risks

04 Presentation 04 Lesson Plan

Focusses on the ways passenger behaviour can impact on driver behaviour and passenger safety.

Driver Risks

05 Presentation 05 Lesson Plan

Focusses on the choices young drivers must make and ways to manage associated risks.