why is the promotion of travel choices important for this age group?

It’s important for young people in London to understand the free and discounted travel options available and make use of these benefits. This will help them make informed travel choices, as public transport users, passengers and drivers.

what was it like when you learnt to drive? were your parents…



The ones who kept a handle on the cost…how much a lesson should be and how many you needed before you were ready to sit your test.


THE Enforcer

Encouraged you to read the Highway Code as if it was a novel! Constantly questioning you on the rules of the road…testing you on what they think you’ve learnt!


THE Practitioner

Although you dreaded the thought of getting in a car with your parents, practice was a must to gain as much experience and confidence on the road. Not always in a calm manner!

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Research shows that young learner drivers benefit from parents who are a combination of these three

top tips for parents

Here are some simple tips on how you can influence your child to gain the best learning experience and become a safer, able driver right from the start!


Be a good role model with your own driving behaviour

It may be helpful to remind yourself of the rules of the road.


Pick an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI)

Ask if you can sit in on one of the lesson to be sure that the training meets your child’s needs.


Encourage your child to take their time

Learning to drive should develop life-long skills, not just mean passing the test as soon as possible.


Carry out supervised driving with your child

The government recommends that learners complete a minimum of 20 hours practice in addition to their driving lessons.


Your supervised journeys should include a variety of situations

Practice night driving, driving in poor weather and driving on urban roads. These are important!


Encourage further pre-and-post-test learning such as Pass Plus

For free online hazard perception training, visit DriveiQ for interactive modules.


Encourage your child to get telematics “black box” insurance

This could result in cheaper premiums depending on how your child drives.


Restrict the number of passengers your CHILD carries

AND limit their night-time driving for the first few months after passing until they are more experienced.


Share these tips with parents/carers of your child’s friends

Encourage them to follow this advice as well.

Interested in cycling and riding tips?

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