the successful delivery of any education programme can be greatly increased if there is a shared responsibility

Professionals who engage and work with this audience are vital in the delivery of this programme in your local area. Borough Officers, Youth Leaders, Cadet Officers, Police, London Fire Brigade, London Ambulance Service, college teachers/lecturers are some of the key stakeholders that can help and support the promotion and delivery of YRU.

yru is a free resource with lesson plans and information for young adult road users

Written by the PSHE Association for education professionals within Sixth Form and Further/Higher education settings and Borough Officers.

Flexible and adaptable, taking into consideration timetable availability, classroom settings and delivery methods to the target audience.

Each module supports PSHE programme delivery and is designed to be delivered within a limited timetable.

how you can help

Engaging with young people can be challenging and particularly when discussing issues that they will most probably think is not relevant, important and frankly bottom of their ‘priority list’.

Inform: Explain the aims of YRU. Remember you’re not preaching to them!

Engage: Tell them why this age group is important to them and to you!!
Share information that will help them make informed decisions about their travel options. Arrange a question and answer session.

Inspire: Take YRU and inspire young people to help them develop attitudes that can influence their decisions.

Educate: Take some of the lesson plan content and use it to impart knowledge but also harness our audience to help them retain what they have learnt.

Empower: We know young people like to be in control – its vital to communicate how YRU will provide them with confidence and the ability to share what they have learnt with friends, family and peers.

Remember, young people think they know everything and they are correct.

  • Be personable
  • Don’t preach
  • It’s about having debate and conversation
  • Engage them in discussion
  • Enable them to come up with the answers
  • Get them to share solutions and strategies with their peers

key questions educators may ask