in london, we want to help young people travel around safely, actively and responsibly!

YRU is a free resource with lesson plans and information for young adult road users

Written by the PSHE Association for education professionals within Sixth Form and Further/Higher education settings and Borough Officers.

Flexible and adaptable, taking into consideration timetable availability, classroom settings and delivery methods to the target audience.

Each module supports PSHE programme delivery and are designed to allow tutors/teachers to deliver within a limited timetable.


Educators Notes: Provides an overview of the programme, principles of effective PSHE teaching and a table of learning routes.

Lesson Plan: Outlines the learning objectives for each message with guidance on extension possibilities and downloadable resources.

Online Module: Engaging presentation which sets the scene with a short audio, animated visuals, activities and quiz questions.

The programme aims to:

  • Provide an opportunity to explore the benefits and challenges of young people’s increased independence within the context of travel safety.
  • Provide young driver/passenger focussed resources which support students in developing coping strategies such as speeding, peer pressure and distraction.
  • Promote the benefits to personal health and environmental benefits of financial and active travel.

New Found

01 Presentation 01 Lesson Plan

Explores the opportunities and challenges presented by new situations.


02 Presentation 02 Lesson Plan

Explores the benefits of different forms of travel, focussing on sustainable and active travel.


03 Presentation 03 Lesson Plan

Analyses the pressures on young people to take risks and explores strategies to manage peer influence.

Passenger Risks

04 Presentation 04 Lesson Plan

Focusses on the ways passenger behaviour can impact on driver behaviour and passenger safety.

Driver Risks

05 Presentation 05 Lesson Plan

Focusses on the choices young drivers must make and ways to manage associated risks.